• gtk
    Adaptor, Audio & Video, Power, RF, Wafer, Housing and Terminal, future BUS, mini USB, D-SUB, memory cards, DIN, cable Assemblies.
  • DC & Audio Jack, SIM Connector, Display Jack, MMI Jack, Optical jack, RCA jack, ear-phone jack, USB & HDMI , I/O Connector, EAR/ MIC Connector, Card Socket, Medical Connectors Devices. Online Inquiry
  • CZT
    RJ45 with Transformers, Modular jacks, Wired Jacks, Blades, Plugs, Couplers, Terminals, USB, PCB jacks, PVC caps, LAN connectors.
  • Simple ffc cable,0.3mm pitch ffc cable,0.5mm pitch lvds ffc cable,1.0mm pitch lvds ffc cable,the impedance control ffc cable,the ffc cable of clock spring
  • Memory Card Connector, IO Connectors, IEEE1394, Micro SD, EPC/FFC.