RF Devices


  • antares
    RF PA design, GaN, GaAs, MMIC’s, LDMOS, PSU software control, Broadband antenna
    20MHz-6GHz, Ultra fast Enable/Disable time, 20Mhz-40Ghz 
    RF Amplifiers,RF hardware Multi Carrier PA,PA for DPD,Linear PA Pallet, RF Hybrid IC PA.
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  • elemacom
    19″ rack power Amplifiers, Combiners, RF Module, RF switching Matrix, Microwave
    ATE for Radar testing, TWT Power supply.
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    Tower Mount Amplifiers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or DRONE Subsystems,
    Standard Custom Amplifiers/Subsystems
  • Satcom-On-The-Move antenna systemmove video, voice and data applications

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  • tomco
    Broadband pulsed & CW Amplifier, HPA for Radar, VTC & BT Transmiter,Microwave, Filter & Duplexers,
    Waveguide technology, WG Flanges, Adapters, TX/Rx plates & Boxes, Micro RF Modules.

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  • comotech
    Point to point wireless networking solutions, 60Ghz/70Ghz millimeter wave, Ultra broadband up to 1.25Gbps