RF Passive


  • Cavity filters, Ceramic filters, RF  circulators & isolators,Swich Bank Filters, Hybrid, Termination, Power splitters, DC Block/Bias tee, Waveguides, Couplers/Tappers.
    S/X Band Duplexer W/PIN Diode Limiter Freq. Range: 3.0–10.0GHz, Broadband Gain Horn Antenna Frequency range: 1 to 18GHz, Millimeterwave Waveguide devices
  • rn2
    High K value (K-40) LTCC Powder, Couplers-90 DEG Hybrid/ Directional/ asymmetric & broad-band , Doherty Combiner, Termination, Delay Line, Divider, Chip Antenna, 20dB- 30dB Attenuator, Quadrifier,  LTCC/HTCC/HIC substrates
  • ctech
    IF SAW Filters, RF SAW Filters, Duplexers.
  • LTCC, LPF, BPF, Balun, Diplexers, Balance Filters, Couplers, Antennas, Magnetics-LAN.
  • ricci_logo
    Waveguide filters, Array filters, Monoblock folters, LC filters, Multiplexers
  • settech
    Cavity Filter, Dielectric Filter, LC Filter, SAW Filter, RF Components.
  • High Precision Components- Terminations, Dc Block, Bias-T, Limitar.
    Coax Connectors- up to 27Ghz SMA Connectors. Capacitors- DC-6Ghz. Inducturs.