• richwave
    RFIC Design integration, RFIC for Wi-Fi, LNA, LNB, Analog/DC.
  • utc
    Audio Amplifiers, Operational Amplifier, Voltage Comparator, Combo IC, DDR Termination Regulators, FET Bias Controller, Inverting DC-DC Converter, Li-Battery Protection or Charger IC, Analog switches
  • Non Volatile Memory solutions including EEPROM Smart Card and Custom Memory IC’s Power Management IC’s Linear Switching regulators AC/DC- PWM PFC Controllers LED Driver Digital Potentiometer and CPU Supervisor IC’s.
  • Digital Transistors, Zener Diodes, Filed Effect Transistors, Bipolar Transistors, Schottky Diodes, Small Signal Switching Diodes.
  • potato
    GHz Clock Buffer, 74 series GHz Logic, GHZ Bus Switch, GHz Translator, Crystal Oscillator IC, GHz CMOS Output IP.